Fans of the Aliens franchise, and those looking forward to the summer release of Aliens: Fireteam, have a burst of new content to enjoy. Chris Matz, lead systems and combat designer for Aliens: Fireteam recently filmed a segment with IGN First, the gaming news giant’s early access feature for upcoming content.

In this latest feature, Matz walks viewers through two of the five character class options: Gunner and Technician. As expected, the Gunner class has a wide range of weapon types and exciting modifications that can be made to increase their lethal force. Matz also explains that players will be able to ‘level up’ and thereby be able to increase their proficiency and access to other weapons. The Technician class demonstration features a heavy dose of the sentry turret; interesting to note is that players will be able to use a wide range of modifications, including the ability to attach flamethrowers on the turrets, as well as throwing electric darts that impale the ground and stun Xenomorphs, slowing their approach and bogging them down in the kill zone.

This latest look at Aliens: Fireteam is the second by IGN First, with this video from March 4 featuring 25 minutes of gameplay.

Tell us what you think! Does this latest walkthrough make you more excited for the summer release of Aliens: Fireteam? Share your reactions in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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