May is off to a dramatic start; no team in baseball has a winning percent over .600 and that speaks to how great the pitching has been across the MLB. Three times this season we have seen a pitcher throw a no-hitter (if you count Bumgarner throwing a doubleheader 7-inning game then technically it’s four). This week we began to see changes both good and bad across the league. It is time for this week’s MLB Power Rankings:

  1. Boston Red Sox (-)

Boston is holding steady at the top of the league with the best record in baseball. Red Sox has a positive run differential, and their bats came alive this week! 

  1. Oakland Athletics (+1)

At the beginning of the season, we thought that the Athletics were headed down a difficult season; however, this team has come back. I think the Athletics can hold this lead and potentially win the AL West! 

  1. San Francisco Giants (-1)

The Giants got lucky this week; while they have struggled on the road the rest of the division struggled no matter where they played. I think the Giants are in a weird spot because once the Dodgers turn it on, they may not be able to keep up. 

  1. Cleveland Indians (+7)

WHERE HAS THIS INDIANS TEAM BEEN? The Indians FINALLY turned it on, and Shane Bieber is a big reason why! The Indians swept the then-division leading Kansas City Royals and looked like the Indians we expected to run this division. 

  1. San Diego Padres (+1)
  2. St. Louis Cardinals (+7)

For the second time in this ranking, I have to ask, where has this Cardinals team been? The Cardinals’ pitching has been dominant, and the bats are finally showing signs of life. Will the Cardinals sign Albert Pujols? I think the Cards need to take a look at getting Pujols strictly for leadership in the clubhouse. 

  1. Chicago White Sox (-)
  2. Tampa Bay Rays (+4)
  3. Kansas City Royals (-4)

Kansas City has a serious need for bullpen arms. The starting pitching has been solid, but it gets scary for Manager Mike Matheny when he has to turn the game over to the pen. Royals have a tough weekend ahead as they face the best pitching that the Chicago White Sox have to offer. 

  1. Toronto Blue Jays (+16)

Do I believe in the Blue Jays as a potential contender for the AL East? No, simply because I don’t see how they can sustain the pitching long term. 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (-7)

This is the lowest the Dodgers have been ranked, I don’t feel great about this, but the Dodgers got swept by the Chicago Cubs. During their series against the Cubs, the Dodgers were handed the shortest start of Clayton Kershaw’s career. This week showed a dark side to the Dodgers; if their pitching is off, it kills their momentum. 

  1. Milwaukee Brewers (-3)

The Brewers fell this week because they got swept by the Braves, and then the Cardinals kicked it into gear. Long term, I think the Brewers are fine, but their bullpen is an area to watch. 

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (+3)
  2. Seattle Mariners (-6)
  3. Houston Astros (+2)

The best series this week to watch was the Astros vs. Yankees. It was classic back and forth baseball. The Astros are getting back to form, and the bats are a huge reason why this team has all the talent in the world they just need to focus. 

  1. New York Yankees (+6)
  2. Chicago Cubs (+8)

The Cubbies are dealing with injury issues with Ian Happ; otherwise, this team looks awesome! A clean sweep over the Dodgers puts the Cubbies in a great position going into the weekend with a 5-game winning streak.

  1. New York Mets (+4)
  2. Texas Rangers (+2) 
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks (-6)
  4. Atlanta Braves (-6)

Atlanta is playing is a dangerous game; each week they are a different team, and they are on a search for an identity. 

  1. Baltimore Orioles (-2)
  2. Cincinnati Reds (-4)
  3. Miami Marlins (-1)
  4. Washington Nationals (+5)
  5. LA Angels (-16)

There is no reason for the Angels to be this low in the rankings. I think the Angels are wasting so much talent that is on their roster that it’s embarrassing. Manager Joe Madden needs to get this team in shape and in a hurry.

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates (-9)
  2. Colorado Rockies (-1)
  3. Minnesota Twins (-1)
  4. Detroit Tigers (-1)

Where do you think your favorite team should be? Comment below and let us know!

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