Breaking News!! There have been reports of multiple sightings of zombies and aliens from outer space, destroying everything in their paths causing colossal levels of mass histeria and frenzy through out the world! It’s up to you to team up with those teenage heroes, Zeke and Julie to put an end to this menacing terror once and for all!

Yes, the cult classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors and the sequel Ghoul Patrol by Lucasfilm Classic Games will arrive on the Nintendo Switch with new features and a few enhancements on June 29th. There hasn’t been word if this would only be available in digital or physical copies as well for the two titles, but either way the anticipation of reliving the moments of knocking out the undead and ridding your backyard of mutants and alien slugs is great!

So, how about it? are you ready to help the duo take down these creatures and save the World? Check out our Discord to let us know how you feel and what you plan to do to save all of humanity!

Source: Nintendo

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