On May 8th, the Returnal 1.3.6 patch went live to resolve a major issue that left players with corrupted save files due the the previous major update.

Patches and regular updates have provided a means for publishers to push their games through the door with a promise to fix any bugs that may crop up later. Unfortunately, Returnal’s 1.3.3 patch not only fixed up annoying bugs, but it also corrupted save files.

While losing a save file on any game can be disheartening, it’s even more so for the Returnal player. It’s no secret that you can’t save mid-run, and each run can take up to two hours of game play to complete. Even rest mode could be risky if an auto-update cycled through the game.

Hopefully the latest patch will keep players from getting discouraged and continue to play this visually outstanding rouge-like adventure!

Have you experienced a save file corruption when playing Returnal? What are your thoughts when it comes to major bugs and the patches that follow, leaving gamers to wait and bemoan the setbacks? Let us know in Discord!

Source: IGN

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