Yes, you read the title correctly. Do you feel guilty about owning a Playstation 5? Think of defining guilt more like “survivor’s guilt”. I know it sounds odd to think about it this way, but I’ve owned a PlayStation 5 for some time now so hear me out.

The announcement of the PlayStation 5 release date, price, and preorder availability was in September 2020. Preorders were supposed to begin on 9/17, but eventually rolled out on 9/16, throwing some people into a shopping frenzy. While it was revealed that the later preorder date was caused to prevent hacker bots and scalping, this obviously didn’t work, because people purchased consoles in droves and later scalping them for double the initial cost. Not only were they sold out online, but each retailer had an issue of keeping them on shelves. Additionally, there was even an issue of shipments due to the pandemic, along with the fact that it was close to the holiday season which made for the perfect storm!

I am almost positive that everyone who now owns a PlayStation 5, knows at least 5 people who say they can’t even get one due to its extremely high demand. Even one of my bosses and a few coworkers asked me how they can successfully get one, as well as my sister and brother asking me. Unfortunately, people were getting so desperate to buy a PlayStation 5 that they were dropping $1500 for them on eBay. I recently joined a PlayStation 5 fan group on Facebook to discuss the awesome console, but since joining the group, I’ve learned that many people in the group still weren’t able to pick up a PlayStation 5. What makes matters worse, is that recently due to lack of CPU chips from AMD, the shortage is expected throughout 2022.

Fans waiting in line at Mid Valley Megamall Sony Centre to get their pre-ordered Sony Playstation 5. — Photo courtesy of Facebook/Sony Centre Mid Valley Megamall

Sure, there are still multiple ways of tracking down PlayStation 5 consoles, such as relying on restock updates via email from local retailers, or following YouTubers who give restock details. I have even learned that it is helpful to sign on to social media’s console alert system. GameStop has a pretty good online system to help keep people in the know. You can follow GameStop on Facebook, and choose to get alerts of the next gen console stock in your nearest location, but the difficulty of finding one still exists all around, and as a gamer, I want everyone to enjoy this game console. If you were able to pick up a PlayStation 5, you would naturally feel incredibly lucky that you have succeeded, but I just can’t help but to feel bad for someone who is having a hard time getting their hands on one, and even resorting to submitting their hard earned cash to scalpers.

If you own a PlayStation 5, do you feel somewhat guilty about it? Were you one of the lucky ones to procure your PlayStation 5, or are you having a hard time finding one? Let’s discuss this on our discord and tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

Image Source: Malay Mail

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