Co-operative play has become a major staple in gaming. In the olden days, arcades were the social environment to play with friends, family, and strangers, of various ages. That token or quarter really meant a lot. As time passed on and the Arcade scene drifted away, co-op play became harder to access. Today, it isn’t that hard to obtain. Knowing this, I think Xbox is the best console to play with friends is.

Microsoft established online gaming to be the best way to play games with others. They worked on the service for years, and continue to tweak it to perfection. With Xbox One being more available than Series X/S, I played many games with friends on this console. Along with the chat functionality and streaming, it makes the experience astonishing.

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With First Party games like Halo, Gears Of War, Killer Instinct, Sea Of Thieves, and their leading franchise, Forza. These games for adult players continue to bring fun and teamwork with friends around the world. The ease of linking up and having rounds fun, challenging others with people you know and meeting up with people to game for the first time. Xbox One also allows cross-plays with PC, and Switch gamers (with some PlayStation players also for some games) enhanced the online experience. Also, allowing Xbox 360 games can still be played online with friends is wonderful.

It does have its cons to it, but in all fairness Microsoft has done a fantastic job connecting players around the world, and being a great place for online gaming. This makes co-op and multiplayer games accessible and easier for adult gamers to play online, In my opinion, Xbox One is the best console to play with friends.

What console do you find to be the best to play with friends? Let us know in the comments or join us in our Discord.

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