What is up Wildcats; it’s Sunday and that can only mean that we are going to East High to talk about the latest episode of High School Musical The Musical The Series. Last week, Nini finally told Ricky that she is going to a dramatic arts boarding school, we saw Carlos show new confidence in life and theatre, and Big Red finally kissed Ashlyn again, which confirmed that they will be the cutest couple ever.

This week we kicked off with Mr. Mazzara announcing that this year East High will be creating its first-ever video yearbook, and the drama club is hosting auditions for the spring musical. In the cafeteria, we get a look at what everyone’s goals are for this year; Carlos is going for an award in choreography, EJ is only going for a small role in the musical as it’s his senior year and he is focusing on sports, and Ricky isn’t sure he is going to audition without Nini being there to support him. 

Ashlyn and Gina have their first rift as roommates after Gina wants to audition on her own instead of as part of a girl group made up of Ashlyn, Courtney, and herself. Big Red confides in Ricky that he is feeling like he is going to disappoint Ashlyn with his audition and tries to get Ricky to audition as well. 

Miss Jenn kicks of auditions by singing the main theme of Beauty and the Beast. In auditions, we get a rare Carlos solo that absolutely got my ears perked, Ashlyn absolutely nailed her two solos (I swear Julia Lester is the best vocalist in this season), and EJ showcased a relaxed but confident version of Gaston. The newest voice of East High; Lily (played by Olivia Rose Keegan) stunned with a beautiful solo that made a statement in her first test as a student of East High. Lily shows her villain nature as she challenges Gina for the role of Belle in the musical. Gina joins Ashlyn and Courtney in a trio audition with a new original song written by Ashlyn. Big Red falls on his face in auditions (Lily is quick to laugh at him) but Ricky is quick to get him back to his feet and he nails a tap toe solo. 

Throughout this entire episode, we see Nini struggling at her new school. Nini tries to add creativity to her classes, but her professors shut her down. Nini has several moments where she is caught by the camera wondering if she should stay, or if she should go back to East High. 

After auditions end the cast list is released and Ashlyn has been cast as Belle! Lily is told by Miss Jenn that no matter how much talent she had it all went to waste when she laughed at Big Red. Ricky has been cast as the Beast and in a facetime with Nini we see Nini get a little bit homesick. 

This episode showcased the range of the cast in season 2. I love that we are seeing the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship; the chemistry of Josh Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo will always be a bright spot in this show. Julia Lester is coming into her own as a star for Disney and this episode is a prime example of why she is going to be huge this season. I really liked the dynamic that Lily brings to the cast, last season we ended with everyone getting along and being happy but with Lily, we get a new rift in the group. Overall this is a solid episode that sets up a really interesting third episode next week! 

What did you think of the two new original songs and which was your favorite? Comment below and who knows maybe your comment will make it on one of our social media pages! See you next week Wildcats! 

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