Is it a fair question or not? Well, that depends on how you feel about the recent anniversary collection of Zelda‘s Nintendo Sibling, Mario, and his collection Super Mario 3D All Stars. That game was released for the Switch back in September 2020 with a few bells and whistles, such as upscaled definition and a music mode where gamers can listen to a selection of favorite sounds, and even play the music while turning the console off; but that was it as far as special content. There weren’t any options to check out, special videos to view the history of the famous, jumping plumber or to view the Nintendo facility were Mario was created, or perhaps the ability to check out special sketches of different level designs or character designs. Especially disappointing, the game failed to include the sequel that should have made the cut, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Despite the disappointment in lack of content and presentation, it was one of the highest selling games to date for the Nintendo Switch, but there were so much higher hopes for this celebrated title for the man of the hour. I’ve always compared anniversary collections to Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, an example of pure gold! The collection was filled with content, such as loads of classic sketches of the characters, background stories for each fighter, music selections, and of course arcade perfect ports. Let’s also not forget the recent backlash over new amiibo Zelda & Loftwing. I personally feel that a Zelda Anniversary Collection would be an amazing product, but I wonder what we all wish for specifically with this theoretical collection and how high are our expectations might be.

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