Publisher VIZ Media has provided a first look at their highly anticipated English translation of the manga Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Deserted Island Diary. The Japanese story first released in July, 2020 and contains 128 pages, with art and story by Kokonasu Rumba.

Three months ago, VIZ Media announced via Twitter that they would be translating the manga based on the widely popular video game series from Nintendo.

Along with revealing the cover of the manga, a price of just $9.99 USD has also been promoted, with preorders going live now.

Volume 1 of the three part series will arrive September 14th, and will continue with two more volumes over the next two years.

The synopsis for the series is to focus on what the island villagers are up to when the player character, the resident representative, is not around. Considering that the Animal Crossing games all feature villages that seem to operate even when not actively being played, this is a question that has likely been in the minds of most fans for some time.

What are your thoughts on a manga based on the Animal Crossing series of games? Will you be preordering this? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: VIZ Media

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