The News:

Santa Monica Studios announced today via Twitter that they will be moving the release window for the next God of War to 2022. The news comes before an E3 full of questions and mysteries as the world wonders what games are ready to ship and what games are going to take a little bit more time to make perfect. Last year, Santa Monica teased the initially titled Ragnarok in a short video that really didn’t give much regarding the final design of the sequel to God of War. However, fans are optimistic that Ragnarok will be as good if not better than the game that reset the God of War franchise. 

Speculation: When can we expect the next God of War?

PlayStation is not expected to be a part of E3; however, PlayStation is listed as a partner for Summer Games Fest. I believe Sony will announce a State of Play for the week after E3 where they give a full gameplay look at Ragnarok. It wouldn’t totally be out of the question for Ragnarok to release in the spring of 2022 (God of War released back in April of 2018), and that could give Santa Monica Studios the time they need to finish their next masterpiece! 

When do you think God of War Ragnarok will release? Comment below and for all the latest God of War news check out the Cross Roads podcast or keep a look out here on the Boss Rush Network.

Source: Santa Monica Studio

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