A new fan-film based on the Metroid series has been released by YouTube personality Devinsupertramp. This fan film clocks in at eight minutes long, and follows Samus Aran, played by Ainsley Bircher (https://www.instagram.com/pigtailspower), battling her long-time rival Ridley.

The production value for a film of this small of a scale is something to behold. From the look of Samus’ suit, to Ridley’s animations, to the special effects, you would think this was a movie commissioned by Hollywood. Maybe Nintendo should pay these people to make a full-length movie on the bounty hunter, and forget about Hollywood; if fans can create something this amazing for eight minutes worth of film, imagine what they could do with two hours.

If you do happen to enjoy this fan film don’t forget to check some of the channels other video game themed fan films.

What do you think of this fan film? Let us know on the comments below or on our Discord!

Source: Devinsupertramp

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