There’s no question that Rainbow Six Siege is one of Ubisoft’s most successful franchises, both critically and financially. So when the French publisher announced that they were developing a spinoff game based off of a popular PvE event from Siege, fans were extremely excited. The title of the game was announced as Rainbow Six Quarantine where players would make their way through virus infected areas to reach their objective. This, of course, was before COVID-19.

With real life quarantine still fresh on the mind of many people around the world, Ubisoft revealed a title change for the upcoming shooter, which is now called Rainbow Six Extraction. The announcement came via a developer diary on their YouTube channel. Gameplay was promised to be shown at their Ubisoft Forward presentation on Saturday, June 12.

Are you excited for more Rainbow Six PvE action? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord.

Source: Game Informer, Ubisoft

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