Overwatch is finally getting two long requested features five years after launch. Yes, crossplay is coming to all versions of Blizzard’s hero shooter, including PlayStation platforms, Xbox platforms, PC, and surprisingly Nintendo Switch, with cross progression confirmed to also be in the works. 

Crossplay will be powered by the latest BattleNet account update, in which all players must have and must connect their console profiles to their BattleNet accounts if they want to participate. It has also been confirmed that this feature will have to be toggled on in some way in game. Some game modes will have special conditions for matchmaking, like console players matching with other console players by default, while PC players will only match with PC players by default. Mixed parties will be able to be match made with all platforms. Though there is no start date yet, Overwatch’s official site says the beta period will start “soon.”

Here’s the full break down from Marcus Stewart over at Game Informer

  • If you’re a console player with cross-play enabled and solo join a quickplay match, you’ll be matched with other players on any console but not with PC players. 
  • If you’re a console player and form a party with friends on both consoles and PC, you’ll be placed in the PC matchmaking pool and will face PC players and parties of PC/console players. 
  • If you disable cross-play on console, you’ll only be matched with players on your specific platform.
  • PC players cannot disable cross-play.

As expected, however, Competitive Mode will be the exception. If you want to play Competitive Mode, players must play with their dedicated console ecosystems for now. 

Are you excited for crossplay in Overwatch? Will this make you jump back in? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord server

Source: Game Informer

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