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Category: 1v1: A Creator Interview Series

Boss Rush Games’ Interview series. In this one on one interview series, the hosts interview another content creator or developer about what they do and try to help promote their content, complete with listener questions and inquiries.

1v1: A Creator Interview Series

1v1: Celeste Roberts, Technical Writer and Editor

In this One V One episode, Corey interviews the talented and wonderful Celeste Roberts, a technical writer by day and an editor by night over at Another Zelda Podcast. The two discuss teaching English in Japan, cooking, their love of Nintendo and Zelda, being better people in a strange world, and her talents as a writer both professionally and personally. Celeste will also be making more appearances on Nintendo Pow Block.

1v1: A Creator Interview Series

1v1: Jamal Green, Lead Composer on Skelattack

Carl and Edward host this special episode of One V One with the very talented and awesome composer, Jamal Green. Jamal was the lead composer of the recently released Konami hit, Skelattack, as well as other games, short films, and feature films. They dive into his career as a composer, what his career goals are, what attracted him to this game in particular, and much much more.