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Boss Rush Games Nintendo Podcast. Each week, Corey, Edward, and their friends from around the internet come together to talk about the week of Nintendo news, rumors, releases, what they’ve been playing, and topics of conversation driven by their listener questions.

Nintendo Pow Block

New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Let’s Go 2020, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory – Nintendo Pow Block Episode 200

Corey, Edward, and Carl are here to celebrate Nintendo Pow Block episode 200. On this episode, they discuss New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon 2020, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, and EA Play. They also discuss the history of the show, what’s it’s meant to them, and where they feel the show can go in the future. Thank you for supporting Nintendo Pow Block for 5 years, you all have meant so much to all of us. It has been an honor and a privilege to give you this show. Now let’s keep gaming!