The Boss Rush Women of Gaming Panel – The Boss Rush Podcast Episode 52

As a platform that strives to give different and unique creators a voice, Boss Rush contributor Celeste Roberts leads The Boss Rush Games Women of Gaming panel with author MJ Kuhn (Among Thieves, due out in 2021), fiction writer and streamer Nellie, Ex-Mixer Partner, streamer, and Whitethorn Games Community Manager BeeYoo, and Streamer/Communications Manager at Rose City Games, Kimchica, to discuss gaming as women, growing up gaming, positivity in community, and their favorite female protagonists, among other topics.   

1v1: Celeste Roberts, Technical Writer and Editor

In this One V One episode, Corey interviews the talented and wonderful Celeste Roberts, a technical writer by day and an editor by night over at Another Zelda Podcast. The two discuss teaching English in Japan, cooking, their love of Nintendo and Zelda, being better people in a strange world, and her talents as a writer both professionally and personally. Celeste will also be making more appearances on Nintendo Pow Block.